Empowered by the “fusion of scientific research and teaching” strategy, the school of the Physical Sciences developed an organizational subdivision, the “School-Department-Teaching and Research Sector”. It is comprised of the Department of Physics, the Department of Modern Physics, the Experimental Physics Teaching Lab and 10 teaching and research sections.

The Department of Physics and the Department of Modern Physics are led by IOP and IHEP respectively; they are responsible for the teaching and management activities and it is managed through the Teaching and Research sections. The Department of Physics is composed of seven teaching and research sections: basic physics, theoretical physics, atomic molecular and optical physics, condensed matter physics, interdisciplinary and applied physics, acoustics, and semiconductor physics. There are three teaching and research sections in the Department of Modern Physics: experimental particle physics, theoretical particle physics and nuclear science and technology.

The administration, academic board, teaching committee and teaching steering committee are led by distinguished CAS Academicians. The current director of the school is Prof. Gao Hongjun; the current chairman of the academic board is Zhao Zhongxian; the current head of the teaching committee is Prof. Xiang Tao; and the current the head of Teaching Steering Committee is Prof. Wang Weihua.

There are two types of faculty in the school: “dualemployed” faculty members, and full time faculty members. “Dual-employed” faculty members are employed by one of the CAS institutes and one of the teaching and research sections, whereas a member of the full time faculty is employed solely by the school. The school’s highly qualified faculty consists of 241 “dual-employed” faculty members and 26 full time faculty members. There are 33 CAS Academicians and 66 “Distinguished Young Scholars” fellowship receivers among the 267 renowned faculty members. More than ten of them were selected as American Physical Society Fellows.

In recent years, the school’s faculty members have received some of the most prestigious awards in the nation as well as in the global physics community : the Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment led by Prof. Wang Yifang won the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics; Prof. Xie Jialin and Prof. Zhao Zhongxian won the 2011 and 2016 Highest National Prize of Science and Technology respectively; Prof. Zhao Zhongxian and Prof. Wang Yifang won the 2013 and 2016 First Class Award of State Natural Science Award respectively, just to name a few. These had made profound impact on the development of the subject of Physics and Physics researches in China.