2012 Physics Summer Camp Planning Meeting
Lu, Xiaorui and Nicholson Caitriana

The annual GUCAS Physics Summer Camp is an important way of reaching potential new students and raising the quality of student intake. In preparation for the 2012 Physics Summer Camp, on April 13th the School of Physical Sciences convened a planning and discussion meeting attended by Prof. Su Gang (GUCAS Vice-Dean), representatives from physics-related CAS Institutes in Beijing and elsewhere, School of Physical Sciences leaders, and the majority of School of Physical Sciences teaching staff. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Ni Mingjiu, School of Physical Sciences Administrative Dean.

Prof. Su first emphasised the importance of student recruitment and encouraged participants to consider all possible ways to attract high-calibre undergraduates to pursue their postgraduate study with the CAS. He affirmed the positive effect of last year’s Summer Camp in raising the quality of students recommended for exemption from the entrance examination. Prof. Su then introduced some new ideas to extend the School’s scope in reaching the very best potential students, such as advocating cutting-edge science and technology to middle schools. Prof. Su also gave participants an outline of some current issues including the merging of science and education, the new GUCAS campus and so on. Finally, Prof. Su expressed his hope that the participants would build on the experience gained in the 2011 Summer Camp and make the best use of the opportunity presented by this year’s Summer Camp to attract even more high-quality students to the CAS.

Ms. Xia Yun, School of Physical Sciences Party Secretary, gave a careful account of the preparation done for the 2011 Summer Camp, and expressed her thankfulness that the “Excellent Organizing Work Unit (First Prize)” award  gained by the School of Physical Sciences last year was due to the support of each of the Institutes involved. Ms. Xia then introduced the basic organisational requirements and plans for the 2012 Summer Camp, including preliminary arrangements for the finance, student selection criteria, student management, planning of academic lectures, tours and activities, application procedures and so on, expressing her hope that meeting participants would give their feedback.

Representatives from physics-related CAS Institutes each expressed their opinions, showing a high level of satisfaction with the previous year’s Summer Camp and support for this year’s, and giving useful suggestions for the organization of finances, dissemination, activities, communication with students and other related arrangements.

In a concluding speech, Prof. Ni then thanked GUCAS and the CAS Institutes for their support of the Summer Camp. He expressed the commitment of the School of Physical Sciences to consider each of the suggestions raised at the meeting, to make the 2012 Summer Camp a success. Prof. Ni also reported the status of editing work on the new curriculum design task document.