Mohamed Abdou was awarded "Einstein Seminar Professor" of CAS
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Professor Mohamed Abdou has been invited by Prof. Ming-Jiu Ni and visits GUCAS on May 25, 2010 to June 7, 2010. Prof. Abdou is UCLA distinguished professor of engineering and applied science, director of Fusion Science and Technology Center and director of Center for Energy Science and Technology Advanced Research. He is an international renowned expert in field of the thermonuclear fusion and held many important positions in the United States’ and international academic research and education organizations related to the fusion. His research involves theory, modeling, experiments, design and analysis and his UCLA team plays a very vital role in the international thermonuclear fusion.

Prof. Abdou makes a wonderful speech entitled “CREATING a Star on Earth, the Fusion: The Ultimate Energy, the Source for Humanity” in the Zhongguancun Campus of GUCAS in the afternoon of May 27. GUCAS Vice-President, Prof. Gang Su chairs the speech and about 200 graduate students from the College of Physical Sciences and the College of Material Science of GUCAS, the Institute of Physics, the Institute of Mechanics, the Institute of Modern Physics, the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics and so on attend the lecture. In the beginning, Prof. Su introduces Prof. Abdou’s great achievements in the fusion and awards “Einstein Seminar Professor” appointment letters to him.

Prof. Abdou visits the Southwestern Institute of Physics for Fusion Science by the invitation of director, Prof. Xu-Ru Duan on May 29 to May 31 and the Institute of Plasma Physics, CAS and the College of Nuclear Science and Technology, USTC for the invitation of ASIPP director of Prof. Jian-gang Li and deputy director of Prof. Yi-Can Wu on June 1 to June 4 accompanied by Prof. Ming-Jiu Ni. Prof. Abdou gives the lectures and makes long-time discussions with researchers.

GUCAS Vice-President, Prof. Gang Su awards Prof. Abdou "Einstein Seminar Professor" appointment letters
Professor Abdou discusses with researchers after his lecture in ASIPP