Number Course title Class Hours/Credit
021M1010H The technology for particle detection 50/3
022M1001H Physics for accelerator of Storage Ring 60/4
022M1003H Modern Nuclear Electronics 60/4
022M1004H X-Ray Crystallography 60/4
022M1005H Technology of Particle Accelerator I 50/3
022M1006H Technology of Particle Accelerator II 50/3
021M2014H Nuclear Structure 50/3
021M2036H Technique for experimental data processing and analysis 45/2
022M2003H Synchrotron radiation optics and technology 40/2
022M2004H Brief introduction to the application of synchrotron radiation 50/3
022M2005H Nuclear Analytical Techniques: basis and method 40/2
022M2010H Radiation and Protection 40/2
022M2011H Fundamental of Radiological Imaging 56/3
022M3001H Frontiers of modern nuclear physics 20/1
022M3002H Frontier Electronic Technologies in Nuclear Science 20/1